Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Katie Zazenski at Gallery Bar

My good friend Katie Zazenski is currently featured in a group show titled We Feel Like **** at Gallery Bar on the Lower East Side. Gallery Bar is a gallery by day that features both emerging and established artists. At night, the space transitions into a bi-level cocktail lounge. The group show focused on “acknowledging the bad days and the accompanying emotions.” I went to the opening of the show and enjoyed seeing how differently the artist addressed the theme.

Katie prepared the following statement about her work:

Geometry of Thought: Visualizing Binaries

This work explores the complexity and the possibility that exists within words. It explores the dynamics of emotion touches on the relationships that allow us to define, categorize, and relate abstract notions. It is about exploring a new visual system for words and creating the opportunity to re-see and experience these symbols in new ways to highlight their inherent fragility and mutability. This work is part of a greater investigation into the conscious and subconscious influences on our thoughts and movements, inspired and affirmed through cultural and societal norms, embodied within language and communication.
To create these forms I developed a list of human emotions and character traits then paired them with their opposing forces. The pairs were then plotted on a traditional x-y graphing system. The letters of the alphabet replace number values on the x and y-axis and are arranged both in traditional order along one axis and then according to frequency of usage on the other. Frequency was calculated from the list of words used in this series. The words are then plotted one letter at a time and are connected by a line in the order that they assume to form the word. The word pairings are plotted together and then this shape is mirrored to create the final drawing.
Through my work I explore the duality of the vital yet completely arbitrary nature of the systems present in our daily lives. Applying new parameters to existing histories I investigate the fragility and mutability in notions that appear staid. I am interested in how culture influences the way we physically and psychologically maneuver through the world, and through employing various methods of making I explore the roles that culture, tradition, and ethos play in the way we communicate and interpret relationships.

For images of Katie’s work, I encourage you to click the following link: http://www.kathrynzazenski.com/

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