Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cleaning Acrylic Emulsion Paints

Brownwyn Ormsby, Senior Conservation Scientist at the Tate, led a seminar on surface cleaning acrylic emulsion paints for the Conservation department. Brownwyn began with two lectures, on current research into acrylic emulsion paints and another focusing on cleaning tools and systems. In the afternoon, we were able to test the theories and cleaning solutions that we had learned about in the morning. We provided feedback that will hopefully help Brownwyn and her colleagues in their collaboration with Dow to formulate new cleaning solutions for acrylic emulsion paints. I found the workshop extremely useful and was interested to hear how opinions on different cleaning solutions varied (or more often concurred) among conservators working in different disciplines.

PS. I recommend reading the publication by Ormsby and Learner titled The effects of wet surface cleaning treatments on acrylic emulsion artists' paints -- a review of recent scientific research

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