Monday, March 28, 2011

Inventor of Super Glue Died Today at Age 94

Harry Wesley Coover Jr., the man who invented Super Glue, died today at age 94. Cyanoacrylate, the chemical name for Super Glue, was discovered by accident in 1942 while searching for materials to make clear plastic gun sights for World War II.

While this incredibly sticky glue just won't do for art conservation, it was still a true advancement in adhesive technology.

In unrelated news, the When Super Glue Won't Do blog just turned 1 year old this month. While there have only been 2,099 visitors so far, there has been incredible growth recently. Thank you to everyone for following, especially the strong contingent of readers in Croatia!


  1. Been following your blog for a few months and I really enjoy it. Thanks for all the great information. I am just starting out on my path to book and paper conservation and it's so nice to read about all the amazing pathways to take in this career. Thanks!

  2. Great, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. There is certainly a need for book and paper conservators! Best of luck!