Monday, November 4, 2013

The Hirshhorn Artist Interview Program: Capturing the Contemporary

For the past year, I have been working to institute an artist interview program at the Hirshhorn.  Clips from the first set of interviews are now available via the Museum's webpage here.  Featured artists include Vito Acconci, Christo, Kota Ezawa, Ann Hamilton, Maggie Michael, Dan Steinhilber, and Andrea way.
Me with Christo

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Voice of the Artist: Hurricane Sandy

INCCA-NA is pairing with the Dedalus Foundation to put on a Voice of the Artist program in conjunction with the exhibition Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1 taking place at Industry City (220 36th Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn). For this program, once a week, a contemporary art conservator will be at Industry City to conduct short interviews with artists who were victims of Hurricane Sandy. The taped interviews will focus on how the Hurricane affected the artist's work, their approach to their craft, and/or their thoughts on conservation. I had the opportunity to participate in the program and interviewed Diana Cooper, Dustin Yellin, Linda Serrone Rolon, Josiah McElheny, and Rona Pondick. The interviews will provide an oral history of how the arts community was affected by the storm and also how it has worked toward recovery.
Me with Diana Cooper

Friday, September 27, 2013

Tony Smith in the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden

I recently gave a talk about Henry Moore's work in the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden as part of the Museum's Friday Gallery Talk series.  To listen to a podcast of my talk, listen here.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Now on Twitter!

I just started a Twitter account: @StevenOBanion.

INCCA-NA Tony Smith Wiki Project

Nick Kaplan and I just received free t-shirts for participating in INCCA-NA's Tony Smith Wiki Project.  The project encourages people to photograph, document, research, and geolocate the more than 100 public artworks made by Smith currently on view around the globe. Rather than print this information, INCCA-NA is asking everyone around the world (The Crowd) to work together and complete the project by using Wikipedia and Flickr. If you want a t-shirt, contribute to a Wiki article about a Tony Smith sculpture near you!:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

3D Scanning of Bruce Nauman's "From Hand to Mouth"

I was part of a collaborative project at the Smithsonian to document Bruce Nauman's From Hand to Mouth.  You can read about it on the Hirshhorn's Webpage.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture

The National Gallery of Art's Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts held a colloquy on the conservation of modern and contemporary outdoor sculpture.  I was fortunate to be invited to attend.  The first day was focused on the NGA's outdoor sculpture garden.  Molly Donovan (Associate Curator of the Department of Modern Art, NGA) and NGA conservators Shelley Sturman and Katy May presented.  We then braved the snowy cold weather and discussed the sculptures in the garden.  We began the second day in front of Tony Smith's She Who Must Be Obeyed, which is sited outside the Department of Labor at 3rd St NW between C and D Sts NW.  William Caine, from the US General Services Administration's Art in Architecture Program, and Kathy Erickson, from the Fine Arts Program, discussed the work's site-specific commission and the challenges of caring for the work.  We then headed to the Smithsonian American Art Museum where Helen Ingalls and Hugh Schockey, both objects conservators at the Lunder Conservation Center, discussed their treatments of Luis Jimenez' Vaquero and Alexander Calder's Nenuphar.  We caught a shuttle to the National Museum of American History to discuss Calder's Gwenfritz, which is about to be treated and relocated.  I suggest visiting Gwenfritz now, as I'm sure you will be in awe of the before-and-after transformation.  The colloquy concluded with discussions of Henry Moore's monumental Knife Edge Mirror Two Piece, which welcomes guests into the NGA's East Building.  The two days were full of energetic discussions among participants, who were emerging curators and conservators from across the country (and Glasgow).